"The story we will share this evening is based on true events, and inspired by actual people, writings, and records."
"...let's see you name a friend, or the music I like...or where I will eat lunch today...and why do I eat lunch there?"
"You know, you would be really pretty if you straightened your hair."
"I think that seat's kinda taken."
"...someday you'll remember high school as the sick feeling you got every day...and I'll remember it as the best years of my life."
"So hey, it's your chance...climb the balcony...give me a plastic rose...and we'll pretend that we're actually beautiful people."
"Sorry this sounds so awkward. I think you act really good."
Creative Writing
"What does he do? Nothing. So, that's what he is: nobody."
"You are not equipped to handle what's going on inside of me."
"Is pivot, is it what it sounds like, I mean, do you want me to..."
"Why does it take you so long to get undressed?" "He doesn't want us to see his tits."
"Who wants to tell me about Natural Selection?"
"Say something!"
Dylan & Eric
"In the future, I'd prefer to see the two of you apart."
"Less than forty-eight hours to Judgment Day."
"Welcome to the arsenal of freedom. Better known as my bedroom. My parents are a bit too trusting."
"We've got a pretty awesome supply of crickets and pipe bombs. These are for the first ten minutes."
"Everybody wearing a white hat, stand up!"
"Why are you doing this?"
"'...make it quick. Just put a bullet in my head and get it over with.'"
Aftermath: Chalkboard Memorial
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