"Mathison had a gun. Under his jacket."
"This is just going to have to stand for all the corners of the room."
"It's our Middle-East policy that's keeping your husband hostage. Nothing else."
"The important thing is to maintain cautious optimism. Advised hope, I call it."
"I wish you could sleep from first to last. That you'd never open your eyes again, till I was in front of you."
"The government doesn't dole out hope. It's not an entitlement program."
"I think I remember each day in my office...cold ways, wet days, days of incredible light."
"No one has to cry for me."
"Michael? The first time I saw you, time turned a corner."
"I can't see him anymore. All morning I haven't been able to feel him. I can't remember what he looks like."
"What's Michael - a long term project? Because he wasn't lucky enough to be abducted in an airport? With a bunch of other people?"
"You see? It hasn't been a prison at all. It's been...a fortress."
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