stoning mary ensemble
"This is you not 'puttin out' over that prescription is it?"
"Anyone can play nervous well better'n you"
"Having that to hold on to. Having that. Doing that. Miss that."
"What? You stopped? You on the health kick? You the one who got me started."
"That we can afford one, when what we need is two. That we got one when what we need is two."
"Finish with a fist full of hair. Never used to do this."
"You want me to? You want me to - you want me close?"
"That child killed my parents...I done somethin. Least I done somethin."
"You gonna come - are you gonna come?...Promise me you'll come."
The Child Soldier stands with them, with his bloodied machete
The Child Soldier
"Tell her I'm fine. Tell her she smells nice."
"we don't have nothin...there is nothin here for you - that we have..."
"Let me have the prescription. Please."
"I never lost him - I didn't...They took him...They did."
"I can't sleep with him back in the house. He scares me."
"You said you would. It's your sister. Bein stoned. And you promised her..."
"stoning mary"
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