"It was more like art, painting those dials. We were artists."
"It's not for us to be askin' questions, is it? It's for us to do the work."
"Zere is no question - radium will cure ze cancer."
"Irene? Honey, you all right? Your mouth is bleeding."
"Where's my dinner? That's what ya'd say!"
"Let's just get married, Grace! Yer plenty old enough - we'll just run off!"
"It hurts to smile. But I try to smile. I know if I don't smile - I'll go crazy."
"Everybody can sympathize with the plight of some poor sick girl facing certain death..."
"So maybe we can do business. I scratch your back, you scratch mine."
"Get up, sleepyhead! You'll never make quota like this."
"Oh now look what you did, Grace! She's bleeding all over the dials."
"They will try to buy your silence. Is it for sale, Miss Fryer?"
"Those brushes flying from the dials to the paint to the dials -- to their lips."
"She didn't notice me at first. But then something made her look up."
"So much light."
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