"Abide with me..."
"You're gonna have to come to me, Marie."
"We'll play musical chairs!"
"Is that what they're wearing in the States? Is that what's in style?"
"Here's to..."
"This is the first time I ever been on a sleepover."
"I walk out of my beautiful penthouse...feeling this big kind of Dirty Yellow Stain all over me. The Marie Begg Stain."
"I can't hang around with you if you use that kind of language. I promised my mother."
"How long will that be? Till the lightning passes?"
"My mouth aches, it aches, Patsy, from wanting to kiss."
"I live in fear of the next seizure it's like there's a stalker."
"Remember how we used to arm wrestle?"
"You think you could beat me now?"
"It is you who never left, Marie. I mean look: Just look at your face."
"Patsy. You do not want to know what I was thinking."
"I'm falling apart here."
"And the moon was so big and so low and so yellow."
"Is the train coming, Patsy? Is the train coming soon?"
"Marie, if you don't get down from there the train is going to hit you."
"...suddenly I looked at that moon and I thought 'Yeah. Me and Marie, me and Marie.'"
"We are gonna die beautiful, we are gonna get crashed by the train and fly through the sky."
"I am the train I am big I am metal! I am moving so fast I am --"
"We aren't going to see each other again, are we, Marie...?"
"I will not forget you. You are carved in the palm of my hand."
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